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Confetti Fun

A few wide angle confetti shots, over the years.

Up close to the action with a wide angle lens - filling the frame.  My preferred way of getting this shot, hope you like them.

Zara and Andy's wedding - Rookery Hall

Rookery Hall

Photography Gift Cards

With Christmas around the corner why not treat yourself, your mother, siblings, partner or friend to a gift card.  Mums get yourselves in front of the camera instead of behind it. Sooner or later your children will want photographs of you and what will they find.


Early 2020 Church ceremony

Fortunately this ceremony went ahead before all the Coronavirus restrictions came in. On subsequent weddings, guests had to wear face masks.   

St Cuthbert's Church, Doveridge, Derbyshire,

Staffordshire wedding photographer

Christmas Wedding - Hanley Town Hall:

With the registry office nearby to a  fun fair in full flow, it would have been rude not to take full advantage of the photographic opportunities :)

Christmas wedding in Hanley. Stoke on Trent

Untitled photo

A Fine October Wedding in Alton, Staffordshire.

An Alton Castle Wedding

Black and White or Colour?

Wedding Photography Staffordshire - Neil Currie Photography
Claudia -1

shooting scenes with clutter.

Black and white images helps to remove distractions and clutter that may be present and are are more noticeable in colour   This effect is particularly useful for me with the photography of the brides final preparations.  

For example the image here shows distracting elements, an iron, ironing board and television, however,  in black and white their impact is reduced and allows the viewer to concentrate on the intended subject, the bride and her helpers

Bouquet Toss

  • Helen & Ashfaq - The Ashes Wedding Photographer - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer - Neil Currie Photography.
  • Helen & Ashfaq - The Ashes Wedding Photographer - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer - Neil Currie Photography.
  • Helen & Ashfaq - The Ashes Wedding Photographer - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer - Neil Currie Photography.
  • Helen & Ashfaq - The Ashes Wedding Photographer - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer - Neil Currie Photography.
  • Helen & Ashfaq - The Ashes Wedding Photographer - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer - Neil Currie Photography.

 Bouquet toss sequence at the Ashes wedding venue. 

The strange, bearded  lady who caught it in the final frame :)

Moddershall Oaks Wedding Photography

I have been lucky enough to photograph several weddings at the beautiful wedding venue Moddershall Oaks,  being such a wonderful location should be enough for me but I have the bonus of living no more than 3 miles away, so it's really convenient   This latest visit was for the wedding of Stephanie and Lee on the 9th of June 2018

I had been booked for 5 hours, so Sandra and I stayed up to the wedding breakfast when we went home, returning a couple of hours later after the speeches, to capture the cutting of the cake and the first dance.

I can't afford to be quite so flexible at most venues, but if you are getting married at Moddershall Oaks I can usually split the coverage on the day to suit your budget if required.

Six reasons to purchase a wedding album or folio box.

The first look an American trend.

"The First Look" - 5 minutes before the ceremony - Kristiana and Tony

Like many things that start in America the "First Look" crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Blighty some five years ago, ten years after it first appeared in the U.S.  

For couples who want to see each other before the ceremony this affords their photographer the opportunity to capture photographs that document the emotion of the moment in a sequence of images.

 That is not to say that similar emotion cannot be seen when couples first make eye contact in the aisle of the church.  Although non-traditional and not for everyone, for a number of brides who wish to see their groom in advance of the ceremony, this provides another option.

Winter  Wedding - Ashes Barn Wedding Photography, Staffordshire.

Helen signs the register!

Film Filters for Digital Wedding Photography

Hoar Cross Hall Wedding Photography. Staffordshire

Claudia and Sam stroll hand in hand.

Sandra Currie, Wife and second Wedding Photographer - With an eye for a good shot.

Moddershall Oaks Wedding Photography.

Sam & Paul

"It's official" Sam and Paul take a seat in the garden.

The Night Before - Wedding Preparation List.

The Plough Inn Wedding Photography, Eaton, Cheshire

Angela and Ian sign the register at their beautiful barn wedding.

Shottle Hall Wedding Photography, Derbyshire.

Jodie and David's Derbyshire Wedding.

Longton Methodist Central Hall Wedding Photography, Staffordshire.

Vicki looking stunning arriving at Longton Methodist church in the Strand, Longton in a split screen classic Volkswagen camper van.  The Strand, if you don't know, is a busy high street and the appearance of Vicki put a smile on all the shoppers' faces.

Three Horseshoes Inn Wedding Photography, Staffordshire.

Terri and Jason relax in the garden of the Three Horseshoes near Leek.

  • Bride i the Rain
  • Sophie&Jamie-137

A  couple of favourite images from recent weddings in the rain!

Newcastle Under Lyme Registry  Wedding Photography

Staffordshire.Susan and Mark in Brampton Park, Staffordshire.

The first dance using a Lowell GL1 Hotlight to backlight the bride and groom 

A lighting technique I frequently use for evening receptions.

The Plough Inn, Eaton, Cheshire

St. John the Baptist Wedding Photography, Ashley, Shropshire

Jemma and Chris in the beautiful St. John the Baptist church, Ashley, Shropshire.

Marie and Andy - The Upper House, Barlaston, Staffordshre.

Upper House Wedding Photography, Barlaston, Staffordshire.

The first kiss for the newlyweds.

 Newcastle under Lyme Registration office wedding. 

The couple booked me for 3 hours, the minimum time I offer. However, this gave me time to photograph the couple arriving,  the ceremony and still have time for some shots in Brampton park located adjacent to the venue.

Hanley Town Hall Wedding Photography, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

The bride arrives in a vintage convertible.

New Year Wedding Photography, Blythe Bridge, Staffordshire

In the spotlight the couple kiss

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