Wedding Photography Preparation

The night before photographing a client's wedding I go through a set ritual. Obsessive compulsive?  Maybe!  Nasty surprises are the last thing I want on the wedding day proper - as a precaution my preparation list is as follows:

-  Memory cards are formatted,

-  Lenses are cleaned,

-  Sensors are checked for dust and cleaned,

Batteries  are charged,

-  Clocks synchronised on all camera bodies.

After charging the batteries, images are taken using the cameras and flash guns to  ensure everything is good to go.   Equipment bags are then packed containing, all our photographic equipment, bottled water, sandwiches and all paperwork containing timings, contact numbers and location details.

There are no second chances on a wedding day. Planning is paramount to ensuring a successful outcome.  After completing this checklist I know my equipment can be relied on, leaving me to concentrate on what is unfolding in front of the lens.

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