Wedding Photography Styles

Traditional,  Documentary and Signature Wedding Photography

During the course of a wedding day, various photography styles are employed. Included below, are short descriptions of the styles and what to expect from each.

 As an experienced photographer with a passion for photographing people, I know the single most important factor to producing great, relaxed, natural looking photos, is to ensure you are comfortable being in front of a camera.

During the pre-wedding photography shoot we will get to know each other and establish what style suits your personality best - an informal documentary style, a creative style, more tradition family photographs, or generally what tends to be the case, a combination of all three.

Traditional Wedding Photography

These are the formal shots usually taken after the ceremony and before the drinks reception and usually take the format of Bride and Groom with both set of parents and the bridal party including the bridesmaids, best man, and groomsmen

It is very rare that I have not had to shoot traditional family group shots - they create a historical document of the wedding and of the families present. It is only natural for you to want to include close family members in this way.

Extended lists of family and friends may seem like a good idea but time passes quickly on a wedding day and you may end up feeling rushed and stressed that's the last thing I would want.

At your personal consultation, we will decide which essential group shots you require and schedule the time needed to take them. Planning the formal portraits in this way will enable me to make them fun and fresh, and finish quickly giving you time to enjoy yourselves with friends and family - instead of standing in line waiting for the next shot.

Traditional, Formal Wedding Photography

  • Traditional Wedding Photography Staffordshire
  • Relaxed Tradional Photography Staffordshire
  • Relaxed Traditional Wedding Photography
  • Untitled photo
  • Helen & Ashfaq - The Ashes Wedding Photographer - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer - Neil Currie Photography.
  • Untitled photo
  • Helen & Ashfaq - The Ashes Wedding Photographer - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer - Neil Currie Photography.
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  • Charlotte-Ashley-Picks-233

Documentary Wedding Photography - Reportage Photography

This genre of wedding photography has several different names, photojournalism, documentary or Reportage photography. These names seem to be interchangeable when used in bridal magazines and by wedding photographers to describe natural story telling wedding photography.

Reportage photography Is similar to press photography which includes a human element. It is about recording events unobtrusively as they happen without interaction between the photographer and the subject. The experienced photographer, in the right position at the right time, through observation and anticipation, can capture an unexpected kiss, a shared expression of joy - to beautifully tell your story through images in a natural flowing way.

Your wedding day is about you both enjoying each other, your friends and your family. If you would rather have story telling photography that is un-posed, relaxed and informal, then a documentary style of wedding photography might be ideal for you.

Reportage Wedding Photography / Documentary Wedding Photography

  • Reportage Wedding Photographer Staffordshire,
  • Reportage Wedding Photographer Staffordshire
  • Guests relax with a drink before  the ceremony
  • Reportage Wedding Photographer Staffordshire
  • Reportage Wedding  Photographer Staffordshire
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Jayne & Trevor-86
  • Fastening the Dress
  • Wedding Photography Staffordshire - Neil Currie Photography
  • Untitled photo

Signature Wedding Photography - Creative Artistic Imagery

This style of photography relies on your photographer's skill to recognize locations where a combination of pose, weather, great light and surroundings exist to create unique dramatic photography.

At some point in the day I will steal you away from the crowd for a quiet 15 to 20 minutes alone. You will be given the space to enjoy your time together. Having chosen the location, perhaps against a beautiful sunset or stormy sky, which sets the mood, we will create artistic and intimate images.

Generally there will be some direction involved with the photographer unlike reportage photography.

Signature Wedding Photography

  • Wedding Photography Staffordshire, Staffordshire Wedding Photographer.Neil Currie Photography
  • Wedding Photographer Staffordshire
  • Wedding Photographer Staffordshire
  • Stephanie & Lee - Moddershall Oak Photographer - Wedding Photography Staffordshire - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer -Neil Currie Photography.

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